‘The old-fashioned, conscientious fine art dealer is at heart a fanatical collector’ ~ Evert Douwes VIII

Since our establishment in 1770 every generation has added their own unique expertise and vision to the firm. Now in its 8th and 9th generation, Douwes Fine Art offers five centuries of paintings, works on paper and sculpture: Dutch (including original Rembrandt prints), Flemish, French, Russian, Modern and non-European Art (including Africanists and contemporary Chinese).

Instead of specialising in only one era or style, we have chosen to use our elaborate expertise of five centuries of painting to our advantage. This allows us to offer a great variety of Dutch, Flemish, French, Russian and international works of art and put art in perspective over the centuries.

Not only do we have important, rare and valuable paintings but we try to excite any young collector as well by offering high quality art at favourable prices.

Our unique collection is the result of over 250 years of expertise in buying art as well as our knowledge of the conservation and restoration of important works of art.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world we aim to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Douwes Fine Art pioneering the validation of the first Rembrandt etching on Blockchain in 2019 attests to this.

It is our deepest wish to continue our fine family tradition in a prudent and enjoyable manner, serving collectors and prospective buyers with the best knowledge available to us. Certainly we shall do our utmost to preserve our traditional expertise and service for generations to come.

Now in its 8th and 9th generation of art dealing and restoring, our prestigious art gallery is the oldest of its kind in The Netherlands, as well as worldwide. During more than two hundred years of art dealing, we have always upheld our belief ‘in sharing the beauty and importance of art’.

Evert Sr. & Evert-Anthony Jr.

N.B. Above is our previous location, we have now moved opposite the Van Gogh Museum!

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