‘A room filled with art, is a room of thoughts and emotions.’

We regularly organise lectures, tours and receptions in our gallery at Douwes Fine Art, on a wide variety of subjects and for various target groups, from Rotary/Lions Clubs or art history students from the various universities in The Netherlands, to corporate events or business outings. The focus can be individually chosen. It may be specific, about art dealing itself or family businesses or it can be about art historical themes and how they are relevant in the various genres of art through the ages.

We look at all sorts of exciting works of art covering five centuries and different cultures. We explain the importance of our extensive library and include our restoration department to share some of the techniques and results in painting. Our in-depth knowledge of the global art market and its impact on society can be an integral part of the lecture/tour!

A lecture, mini-tour or reception may last for 2 or 3 hours while we also try to answer all of your questions, although shorter visits are also an option. Full catering can also be arranged if desired. An amount per group or per person will be discussed in advance.

You can request rates by telephone and/or email: office@douwesfineart.com Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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