During 130 years of filing by the various Douwes generations and dedicated volunteers we can browse through over 400.000 illustrations and thousands of books and catalogues from auctions and dealers worldwide. Our additional slide library contains over 40.000 images and we are in the process of digitalizing this quality product.

The illustration and photo library contains unique documentation and forms the backbone of the company’s expertise. During research we first check our own files and extensive book library before studying elsewhere. Upon request art historians are welcome to use our facilities. At past and present we were able to help insurers discover the authenticity of stolen works after questionable claims.

At Douwes Fine Art we feel blessed to keep using unique material dating back to professionalised photography since the end of the 19th century.

Van Jan Steen tot Jan Sluijters


Exhibition Fries Museum

View publication Van Jan Steen tot Jan Sluijters

“Schilderijen raken rooksluier kwijt”


LC Regio Newspaper

View publication “Schilderijen raken rooksluier kwijt”

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