Douwes Fine Art has been involved in all aspects of restoration and its ongoing technical innovations since our establishment in the 1770’s. The skills and techniques for these have been passed on to family members and loyal company restorers through the centuries. Our goal is to provide durable solutions in order to restore and conserve your artwork in an ethical and comprehensive manner.

We offer free and non-committal advice on all restoration issues. Furthermore, the client is given a clear understanding of the work required, the duration of the project, as well as an indication of the overall costs prior to any agreed upon restoration. We also advise the client on the relationship between added value and ‘additional’ costs. Once agreed upon, a departure from the original proposal is only made in close cooperation with the client. The exact restoration procedure can be explained to the client, and even demonstrated when possible, upon request. Photographs documenting the actual process and an objective evaluation of the condition of the painting being restored may also be provided upon request. We can even insure your paintings during the restoration period if that is your wish. We provide this service for museums (without their own restoration department), for institutions, public and private collections, for individual clients and, of course, for our own holdings.

If you are interested in restoring a painting please do not hesitate to contact us at: . Please include a picture of the work if possible and any supporting documents or information so we can swiftly evaluate your artwork and provide you with a quotation.

A typical restoration can cost between 500 – 3.000 euros, however more complex and/or larger works can require more time and resources.

For more information on restorations please check out The Restoration Process page.

'Palmyra' by G. Hofstede van Essen (1693)

A very nice public restoration project of the painting ‘Palmyra’ by G. Hofstede van Essen from 1693. This painting is in the possession of the Allard Pierson, which is part of the Collection of the University of Amsterdam.

This was one of my last, interesting and impressive projects that I was able to supervise.

J.H. (John) Robben
Allard Pierson Museum(Project Manager)

Old Master Collection

“I am writing to you at this time to let you know how much I appreciate the restoration work that you have done on our collection of Old master paintings. Contrary to many restorers, you never do too much and you never do too little, you do what is required. Douwes has our sincere vote of confidence and my wife and I have no problem whatsoever with respect to you tackling problems with any of our paintings, even the most valuable. We look forward to meeting again in the future and wish you all the best!”

Anonymous Collector, USA.

Lust schilderij, before and after restoration

Floris van Schooten Panel

“Douwes Fine Art restored our painting on panel, the wood had bent massively, which made the paint come off. We never thought it would be able to look like it did authentically, however Douwes were able to help. Fantastic job and great service. Thank you!”

L. de Haes, The Netherlands.

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