Douwes Fine Art celebrates more than 200 years of Art Dealing
with an ongoing selection of 17th century Rembrandt Prints


(Leiden 1606 - 1669 Amsterdam)

Throughout most of his working life, Rembrandt created some 290 prints. His draughtsmanship, the unique deep black colour in many of his etchings and his masterly exercise of the dry point technique were popular even in those days.

His purposeful use of light and shade to create atmosphere in his works took him beyond the conventional. Rembrandt's willingness to explore further than the visual to depict the psychological character of his subject was innovative. With its direct lines and easiness on the eye, the etchings have a personal character, similar to the intimacy of a drawing, making each etching a moving or tender expression, much like a thumbprint of the master himself!

Many experts over the centuries have brought Rembrandt's printed oeuvre into the limelight, although the most recent and complete academic study was published in 1969 by White-and-Boon. The rareness of his printed oeuvre was catalogued by the knowledgeable collector Nowell-Usticke (in 1967). The limited lifespan and fragility of paper has meant that, in the course of time, prints have become damaged, have decayed, and thus become lost forever. Besides, certain etchings were also very rare in Rembrandt's time as so few impressions were made of them.

The value of his etchings is based on their rarity, the state (a state relates to every deliberate change made to the plate), whether or not the impression has retained its clear margins, whether the paper has a watermark, if it originates from distinguished collections and, of course, the condition of the impression itself. The affordability of the etchings means that a genuine 17th century Rembrandt is within reach of a great many people. The 'timelessness' of his creative mind retains its value due to the realistic subject matters he chose, which continue to 'speak' to every culture.

Like no other artist Rembrandt is able to 'touch' the soul of mankind!


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