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Zhang Guo Ning
(born in Beijing , 1960)

“Snow on New Year’s Day”, 2007

oil on canvas
60 x 50 cm
signed, dated and inscribed (l.l.)
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Since 1992, Zhang has been fascinated by the Hutongs, Beijing’s historic courtyard alleys, for which the painter is well-known. The work shows a glimpse of what life used to be in the past, with its respect for tradition and ancient culture.

Zhang Guo Ning was born in Beijing and graduated from the School of Fine Arts of the Capital Normal University. Having grown up in Beijing’s hutongs – the city’s historic courtyard alleys – Zhang has a deep emotional attachment to these traditional structures. He translates these feelings into vivid images in his works. His mastery in the depiction of textural differences and subtleties of light gives his works a smooth finish.

Zhang has been painting Hutongs since 1992. Through his works, we can experience the walk down Beijing’s intricate maze of Hutongs and catch a glimpse of life in Old Beijing. Not only are Zhang’s works artistic masterpieces, they also help preserve Beijing’s culture and history for generations to come.

Zhang has participated in the China Art Exposition for many consecutive years, and is considered one of Beijing’s most renowned artists. His works have been widely exhibited in the National Art Museum, the Cultural Palace, and the American Embassy in Beijing.

Zhang’s unparalleled talent has received international acclaim, making his work a favourite among private collectors around the world.

1989: Bachelor of Fine Arts – School of Fine Arts – Capital Normal University

Personal Albums
2005 ‘Hutong Memories’, Hong Kong

Private Collections:
Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Malaysia,
Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States


– Directly from the artist;
– Connoisseur Art Gallery, Hong Kong;
– Douwes Fine Art, Amsterdam 2008;
– private collection, The Netherlands

Solo Exhibitions:
1995: Solo Exhibition, China International Trade Centre, Beijing
1996 Solo Exhibition, Singapore
1997 Solo Exhibition, Beijing
1998 Solo Exhibition, Beijing
2005 ‘Hutong Memories’, solo exhibition, Hong Kong
2006 ‘Hutong Memories of Zhang Guo Ning’, solo exhibition, Three Pacific Place, Hong Kong

Major Exhibitions:
1989 Joint Exhibition, National Art Museum, Beijing
1992 Exhibition, National Art Museum, Beijing
1993 Exhibition, The Cultural Palace, Beijing
1994 Exhibition, The American Embassy in China, Beijing
1995 China Art Exposition
1996 China Art Exposition
1997 China Art Exposition
1999 China Art Exposition
2000 China Art Exposition
2001 China Art Exposition
2002 ‘Beyond the Frame’ – Chinese Landscape Oil Painting Exhibition, Hong Kong
2003: ‘Springtime in Beijing’ – Works by Three Chinese Landscape Artists, Hong Kong